Transcendental Meditation Is Going Corporate

Why Is TM A Good Thing for Corporates?


TM boost employee health and the bottom line.


Everyone from C-suite executives to entry-level assistants can share in the multitude of benefits of TM. More companies are offering meditation rooms and allowing employees to meditate on company time. 20 minutes of TM allows the employee to come back feeling like their brain just woke up and this is far more valuable.

Corporate transcendental meditation programs globally have proven to have boosted the bottom line of businesses and the productivity and job performance of employees, in addition to reducing healthcare costs across the board.

TM For Corporates

5 Step Process

A unique benefit of holistic health options like transcendental meditation is the sense of well-being and connection each practitioner finds within themselves.


A benefit that people notice immediately is that they start sleeping better. They also wake up feeling fresher in the morning,and they also have a sustained energy that isn't nervous or agitated but very settled, powerful and creative energy.

The five-step course includes:

  • an hour-long group introduction to the practice,

  • individual 90-minute meetings with a transcendental meditation teacher, and

  •  three group follow-up meetings so participants can continue building their practice.